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Stay tuned here to find out how to once again train with those that created the best pro wrestling training center in the Allentown, PA area, B.C. Bumps. The knowledge has been passed on and will be presented by B.C. Bumps graduates at the same location in Allentown that was known as B.C. Bumps.

Congratulations guys and good luck!

Never forget the desire and dedication!



You wish to learn how to become a Pro Wrestler, Manager, Referee, or Valet.


Ring General Pro Wrestling Training is now accepting students!!!!!

The philosophy, which was taught to us by B C Bumps Pro Wrestling Training Center when we attended is the same philosophy we wish to pass on to our students. If you wish to become part of World Of Pro Wrestling, you need to learn all the Basic Skills whether you wish to train as a Referee, Manager, or Valet, you will need all the skills to excel in and around the ring. Ring General Pro Wrestling Training will not just train Wrestlers, Managers, Valets, and Referee's we will Train Wrestlers who Manage, Wrestlers who Referee, Wrestlers who are Valet's because we believe that it is important to know all aspects of Pro Wrestling for you to excel in the sport.

You will

Learn all the skills needed to excel in the sport of Pro Wrestling:

Learn the Psychology needed to excel.
Learn how to develop a Character.
Find self Confidence for those who may lack it.
Meet Event Promoters for whom you may find  work in the future.
Be given your First match at a PXW (Pro Xcitement Wrestling) Event.
Be given the opportunity to learn about the World of Pro Wrestling from the ground up.

Your only qualifications are you must be willing to learn, you must be dedicated to your training, and you must physically able to perform all the skills required.

You will need

A current Physical from a Pa Licensed Dr.
To be 18 years old or 17 and have parental permission.
All classes are taught by fully trained Pro Wrestlers. The Wrestlers training have been in and around the business for a combined 10 Years. Each has been actively wrestling in the Independent wrestling scene for 5 years.


Contact us at ringgeneral@comcast.net on the web


(570) 527-7462.